Raving Fans


Here are some of the testimonials provided from attendees from the 500+ groups that Abby has presented to in the recent past:

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your workshop yesterday. I am a life-long learner. I simply enjoy the process. Discovering new methods, knowledge or insight is just plain fun to me. So yesterday was a blast and I came away with some new information. When you’re trying to access audience response, what engages them, or how to reach them, you tend to pay attention to the details from body language and facial expressions to interaction with speakers, their peers and commentary. I paid attention yesterday when I was not caught up as a participant myself.

I believe the program was very successful. I felt the audience was pleased and found the information useful. I base this on all I mentioned above including the after program comments I heard. You were approachable, non-threatening and most importantly, real. You were an ‘every woman’ presence if that makes sense. The information you shared was simple, straight-forward and practical. Your demeanor and approach created a comfort level with the audience that allowed them to drop their protective walls and guardedness. They were free to soak in all you had to share. Well done.   –Sheila Reed

I wanted to thank you once again for delivering the LinkedIn workshop to our group. You have truly found your passion! Your presentation was very well received and your interaction was excellent!! Your presentation received the highest/best feedback score over the past five (5) years. Great Job Abby!!! You received two six’s (6) on a scale of one (1) to five (5) which ended up netting you a Perfect Score (5.0).

Your presentation provided our team with excellent creative tips on how to stand out and differentiate oneself on LinkedIn Thank you again!   –Mark W. Muschko

Thank you for all your hard work in making the workshops successful. I’m sure everyone benefitted, I know I learned new things as well. I admire your energy and dedication – our two workshops and a third in Philadelphia first thing in the morning makes a very long and draining day. Your energy and commitment never wavered. You serve as a great example for us all.   –Peter Blok, PhD

I’m writing to thank you for your incredibly informative LinkedIn webinar. I appreciate the ton of practical insights, straight forward advice, and tips about using internet technologies. I’ve listened to other webinars on the same topic but gave up on them because you literally cover more in 5 minutes than what some of them will talk about in an hour. Your talks are worth listening to and re-listening to.   –Wen D.

Just wanted to thank you again for presenting at last night’s meeting for HRMA. I thought your presentation brought value to the table beyond any other this year. I, personally, took lots of notes and plan to implement much of what you said ASAP. Everyone seemed very engaged. You are wonderful. This was either the 2nd or 3rd time you presented to HRMA, and I deeply appreciate your ready willingness to support our group. You’ve come a way since I met you in 2007, and what you’re doing is fabulous, so I wish you the very, very best.   –Sharon Karnik

Just a quick note to thank you and to let you know that you really inspired me yesterday. Everything was very well organized and informative. I was so turned off by LinkedIn because of my experience with the junk mail, but with you showing me the real value, I am going to think of a way to use it. Thank you once again.   –Leslie B.

No other way to describe your session last nite, Abby! Just awesome. Absolutely everyone benefitted big time from your sharing of your many words of wisdom.   –Bob Stomber

I was super glad to have wandered by the conference room to find you presenting. Seeing you in person now lends a different appreciation for who you are and what you do. Thanks for your presentation today. Donna Serdula who followed you was ok but was not able to match your knowledge and presentation despite her bubbly personality.   –Rich S.

I had to pleasure of being in the audience at yesterday’s workshop. Seeing and hearing you made the trip worthwhile. Thanks for the terrific information, particularly those concerning Twitter. I assure you I will be making changes to my Twitter profile ASAP. Keep up the great work that you do! You have a new fan!   –Sandy H.

I have heard quite a few trainers, and in my opinion, you are the best! Concise, to the point, useful info everyone appreciated. I talked to a few people afterwards and they all agreed.Thanks again!   –Laura B.

I wanted to thank you again for the great presentation yesterday – -I’ve been to many LinkedIn information sessions and yours was the first completely new material I’ve heard.   –Charlie N.

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