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If you are an entrepreneur, a business owner, franchisee, CEO, or President or if you’re running your own MLM business, your primary job is building your business. Social media and live networking have become vital business components. If you aren’t using both to your full potential, you’re Absolutely letting opportunities fly out the window. Contact Absolutely Abby today!

Who is Absolutely Abby?

Abby Kohut is an award winning Human Resources professional with 18 years of corporate experience who is known on the web as “Absolutely Abby.” Her website,, was selected as one of the “Top 100 Websites for Your Career” by Forbes in 2013 and she was selected as one of the top 100 influential people online according to Fast Company Magazine. As President of Staffing Symphony LLC, Abby is credited with offering over 10,000 people jobs from a variety of industries and career levels. To learn more about Abby, visit her About Abby page.

Why should you book Absolutely Abby today?

Absolutely Abby has a genuine and engaging style blended with humor and rich content. She has delivered over 500 live workshops across 33 states on a variety of human resources, job search, social media and business-related subjects. Every presentation Abby delivers is customized to the particular audience at hand. Since 1997, Abby has delivered workshops for sales, customer service and Executive teams for clients such as Kaplan Test Prep, the Economist Magazine, Alpharma, LEO Pharma, eClerx, and Beth Israel Hospital. Abby is a sought out presenter for SHRM and ASTD for career development and business topics. She has also spoken at a variety of conferences, Chambers of Commerce and association meetings on similar topics. Recently, Abby presented a keynote at a Veterans Resource Fair in Atlantic City, while sharing the stage with Mayor Guardian & Miss America 2015. To learn more about Absolutely Abby in the media, visit her Press page.

Customizable Topics Include:

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What Floats Your Boat You Must Promote

Are you an entrepreneur who would like to reach audiences on a larger scale? Join Absolutely Abby as she teaches you how to showcase your expertise in cities far beyond your zipcode. Learn how to become a media magnet in your industry with much less effort than you thought possible. Your sphere of influence can be as vast as you wish it to be with some simple and inexpensive tweaks. Walk away from the program with advice and tips on launching your own unique initiative as well as planning and promotional tactics to set your ideas in motion.

Caring For Customers – Not Cloning Them

Treating each one of your customers the same will get you the same results whereas learning to differentiate how each customer makes buying decisions will help to improve your sales results dramatically. Beyond your sales job, you will often need to “sell” your ideas and plans to colleagues, management, friends and family. This workshop offers enhanced training beyond basic sales training techniques that are widely available. The team will learn about their own natural style and which approaches they tend to take when dealing with customers. They will learn to recognize the personality type of the person they are selling to and to adapt their style to the other person’s personality.

World Domination with LinkedIn

There are now more than 300 million people who consider LinkedIn to be the pre-eminent business networking platform online. LinkedIn is a key place online where professionals have the ability to connect, develop their sales and market themselves, their skills, services and products. This workshop is designed for anyone looking to ensure that they are best placed to use the power and opportunities of LinkedIn. Learn how to market yourself, increase your visibility & reputation and, most importantly, develop new business. Stand out from the crowd, get more quality leads, and stay top of mind with the decision makers by learning how to use LinkedIn correctly & strategically. In this interactive workshop, your team will learn:

  • Key concepts and settings on LinkedIn to get the most out of it
  • Creating a profile which will market, attract and sell for you
  • How to invite, vet and attract the right connections
  • How to best connect with people (and how not to)
  • Tools on LinkedIn to market and promote you, your products / services & your business
  • How to improve communication and drive business results!
  • Using Groups effectively as an interaction and targeting tool

Tweeting Is Not Just for the Birds

Learn to effectively market your business in 140 character sentences. Develop improved client communications, improve customer service response time, increase sales and web traffic and develop a brand that can go viral. Jump on the Twitter bandwagon! During this interactive workshop, your team will learn:

  • What is Twitter and why do I need to use it?
  • How to create a Twitter name and account
  • The basics of the Twitter language
  • How to follow and be followed
  • How to drive traffic to your website

Networking for the Rest of Us (Scaredy Cats)

If even thinking about attending a networking event makes you want to stay home and watch TV or curl up with a good book, you’re not alone. But, you ARE probably an introvert. To advance in your career, you need to network just as much, or perhaps even more than your extraverted friends. In this interactive workshop, team members will learn:

  • How to differentiate themselves from others so people will remember them
  • What ‘paying it forward’ is all about
  • Why being specific when asking for help is important
  • How to identify the best networking opportunities in your line of work
  • How to develop long-term relationships with customers and peers

75 Ways to Retain Employees… Other than Locking the Doors

This presentation offers a compilation of proactive strategies that human resource professionals can put into place to make sure they retain their top employees as other companies start trying to lure them away. Learn easy-to-implement tips and techniques you can use to guard your key employees and deflect aggressive poaching of these individuals, as when the economy turns around it is widely anticipated there will be aggressive pursuing of top talent in the marketplace. You will learn proactive perks, bonuses and other techniques for locking in your key employees and using these incentives as a way to hit certain milestones and keep them at the company. Finally, you will hear case studies of what other HR executives are doing right now to retain and lock in key employees, based on the widely anticipated viewpoint that there will be aggressive poaching of top talent in the marketplace once the economy starts to improve.

Teams that Work Don’t Go Berzerk

Your employees are your number one resource but they also have varying personalities. These personalities can lead to great collaboration, conflict and misunderstandings or a combination of both. This workshop will bring to light the personalities of your team members and will also help them appreciate those who are different rather than resenting them. The workshop will also examine your team’s strengths and “hot spots” when planning, solving problems, making decisions and managing change. The team will leave the training with clear actions for improved communications.

For schedules and pricing, please contact Absolutely Abby today!

Awards & Honors

  • Winner of The Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) Pinnacle Award
  • Fast Company Magazine rated Abby as one of the top 100 influential people online
  • was selected as one of the “Top 100 Websites for Your Career” by Forbes in 2013
  • Selected to write an “Ask Abby” column on the LinkedIn premium site in 2014
  • Rutgers University Business School Alumni Association won the Ernest E. McMahon award for webinars delivered by Absolutely Abby
  • Speaker at Lead Your Career, one of 13 programs mentioned in a White House report
  • Named one of “Top 25 Women To Follow On Twitter For Your Job Search” by CEOWORLD Magazine in 2014
  • Presented a keynote at a Veterans Resource Fair in Atlantic City, while sharing the stage with Mayor Guardian & Miss America 2015
  • Presented with a “Statement of Support for the Guard & Reserve” by the Department of Defense
  • Accepted into the National Speakers Association
  • Strong networker with 9,500 LinkedIn connections, 20,000 Twitter followers, and 4,000 Facebook friends and fans
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